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"Inspired by the title of my book, I created this consulting firm to educate and inspire church leaders."  --Rev. Karen Lampe

What is The Caring Congregation?


Jesus was a healer. His example calls us to provide care and support for one another through the peaks and valleys of our lives. 

The Caring Congregation offers guidance on the best Christian practices to help people move through life’s challenges. The ministry of Congregational Care is based on a team approach that includes both pastors and laity (serving as Congregational Care Ministers or CCMs) working together to support the congregation and community. 

Reverend Karen Lampe, along with Senior Pastor Rev. Adam Hamilton, church staff and the Congregational Care Ministers (CCM) at Church of the Resurrection, created and implemented this method of care for churches of all sizes to create a community of hope and assurance in our complex world.

Through speaking engagements, conferences, and private consultation, Rev. Lampe provides capable, adaptable, and scalable guidance. She has authored two books about this CCM care model, available on this website. Her enthusiasm for this program is palpable as she calls everyone to use the experiences of their lives to build the kingdom.


Karen has authored two books:

  • The Caring Congregation: How to Become One and Why it Matters
  • The Caring Congregation: Training Manual and Resource Guide.




Rev. Lampe teaches the Congregational Care model in one or two day seminars for churches, districts, or conferences. She teaches the course in full week sessions for seminaries. Seminars utilize text from her book, The Caring Congregation: Training and Resource Manual, but augments this with other books and videos. The hosting church or conference is able to video the presentation for future trainings as well as continue to utilize Karen as a consultant and guide for organizing their care programs.



Rev. Lampe is available to preach to your congregation. Her specialty in pastoral care makes her highly adept at sermons on forgiveness, hope, relationships, death and grief. View her recent sermon on the “Woman at the Well.

Rev. Lampe is also available to officiate at weddings and funerals. She helps families navigate the joys as well as the challenges of these sacred events.  



In private consultation, Rev. Lampe evaluates church strategy for care and provides important resources through specific challenges such as financial changes in a community or a season of tragedy including suicides and/or natural disasters.

Rev. Lampe provides counsel to pastors, individuals and families. She can also offer spiritual guidance regarding forgiveness, relationships, sexual identity and grief.



Adam Hamilton, Senior Pastor, Church of the Resurrection

"In her role overseeing the care of 18,000 parishioners at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Karen Lampe has developed what many consider to be the best congregational care practices in the United States. In her book, The Caring Congregation, she describes those standards and offers concrete stories illustrating their practice and step-by-step instruction for how to offer outstanding pastoral care. It is a "must read" book for pastors, lay ministers, and seminary students. The congregational care model Karen Lampe teaches will dramatically improve the quality of pastoral care while engaging laity in ways that will enrich and bless them and those they care for."

Rev. Tracey Beadle, Senior Pastor, Westlake UMC

"Rev. Karen Lampe’s grasp on both the theological and formational significance of Congregational Care and the practical tools and strategies needed to provide good care are so helpful!  She connects quickly and deeply with workshop participants so that they walk away not only equipped but feeling empowered to provide this ministry.  At Westlake UMC we now have more than 20 commissioned Congregational Care Ministers who provide care to those who are sick, hurting, or grieving for a variety of reasons in any number of settings.  Because of our CCMs we are able to provide quality, comprehensive care more broadly than ever before.  I’m not worried about people falling through the cracks and you wouldn’t believe what a comfort that is as pastor!"

Nan Smith, CCM at Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, Kansas

"The Congregational Care Ministry program that Pastor Karen Lampe has developed is simply the best way to care for those in our congregations!  I have been a CCM (Congregational Care Minister) for several years and have seen this model of care used successfully to spread God’s love to others. Being a CCM is a great blessing to the care-recipient and caregiver. Pastor Lampe’s workbook will be a great guide for you now and an often-used resource later. This care model allows any size of church to spread God’s love efficiently, practically, and in a timely manner."

Libby Sullivan, Congregational Care Minister, Austin, Texas

"Rev. Karen Lampe is a messenger, through her guidance and teaching and modeling, who enables others to find gifts of compassion, service, and love. Then Karen shares the many tools she has to help others find their "fit" and how best to use these tools for others.  Her genuine love for people and God are ever-present as she encourages people to stretch and reach and find the joy that caring for others can give.  Because of Rev. Karen Lampe, and her CCM training, WUMC has over 20 eager, kind, and ready volunteers to see to the needs of the entire congregation.  Under our Pastor's leadership, she has made a dream become a reality."

Sherry Danner, LCMFT, BCC

"During the 7 years that I had the privilege of working with Karen, I was constantly learning something new from her about the importance of teamwork, devotion to the highest quality of care for those who are suffering, and how to create healing spaces within the church.  Her expertise in running an effective, inclusive, truly Christ-centered care ministry is unmatched.  Karen understands the importance of being a clear, decisive leader, and she is at her best when she is helping others grow into their own leadership potential.  I believe that is the definition of a truly great teacher."


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